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Geek Chic Floral Boutique

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About Geek Chic Floral Boutique

Geek Chic Floral Boutique combines sola wood & recycled paper to create eco-friendly floral arrangements. Our work ranges from weddings to home decor. The best part about our products? Our floral arrangement will last a lifetime and each creation is custom made for you.

So what are sola wood flowers you ask? Sola flowers are made from soft balsa wood. In their natural state, they are a ivory/cream color but I can dye them any color you would like. Even though the flowers are made from wood, they are actually quite soft and natural looking. Since each flower is handmade no two flowers are exactly the same and natural variation will occur. That variation is what makes each flower so unique and beautiful. With the right care these flowers will last a lifetime (please keep away from open flame, do not allow prolonged contact with liquids, and keep these delicate items looking beautiful with careful handling).
I look forward to creating your perfect floral arrangement!

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